I...will fight

For some reason, every time I use the phrase, “I will fight” I get a message that says I used a phrase that’s not allowed.

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newyears def


i will fight you with my pillow

I will defeat you with my feather.

i am a loser
some people say the biggest loser in a list of 46
i don’t want to be a warren harding footnote
i want to be a chapter on populism
kinda like george washington

yes, you are

i caught my girlfriend putting rat poison in the soup
i’m going to have a talk with her
legislative time constraints permitting

In new England, religion does not seem worth fighting for anymore. I know in the world, religion is probably the number 1 killer and number 1 argument. It is way down the list here now.

In order of being judged with a scowl in NE, it goes…

  1. Trump
  2. Politics
  3. Vaccines
  4. Masks
  5. Curfews
  6. School openings
  7. Ford or Chevy
  8. Home depot or lowes
  9. Veganism
  10. BLM
  11. Sports
  12. Acceptable types of fertilizer
  13. What kind of milk is acceptable
  14. Electric cars
  15. Religion

citation needed
or are you just making a personal observations?
were you carrying a clipboard?
cuz i would need a clipboard for 15 things

I would like thank Michele for not posting her conspiracy BS ror a day or so. Ir has been pleasant.

She almost never posts on Sunday. I assume that’s her real-life day. I envy her. I don’t really have real-life days lately. Most of my friends are too terrified to meet (either terrified of the virus or terrified of the lockdown police). The weather is too crappy to walk much. We tend to drive around, have a hot chocolate, and come home. This is no way to live.

I went for quite a walk today. Way better leg workout by far than anything else I have been doing. Very punishing though. Hard to keep with others and I was the only person sweating and profusely. It was like I had 20 steps with weight for 1 of their casual distance covering steps.

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Mark, walking is great exercise. You’re also in a great city for walking.

Look at the size of this knee sleeve. It’s a 4x and I got a 4x back and waist support. I have elbow sleeves strong in 4x as well. This is almost too tight I cannot pull it up my leg. I no longer trust measuring tapes or looks.


I can tell you this, while my weight hasn’t increased, I just feel fatter here in Canada because I can’t walk as much. My belly is visibly bigger. It’s ugly as hell. I can’t realistically walk more, though, because it’s rainy and cold all the time. I truly envy you your climate. At least you have the opportunity to walk.

Reggie I have problems with crime. I just reported an incident to security and wrote my own report. Most likely going to meet with security personnel after trying to get a snapshot of an individual. I also just avoided getting hit in a parking lot from another incident while grocery shopping.

That’s unfortunate. At least you didn’t get hit.

You must be relieved to know it’s under attack.


“According to Bitter Winter, a magazine on religious liberty and human rights in China, a Three-Self Church venue in one of the villages under the jurisdiction of Lanling County was demolished in July 2020.
Dictating full control over spiritual followers by destroying religious books and demolishing places of worship is nothing new for the CCP in order to advance its authoritarian reign.”

Has your problem always been speaking too soon?
I just woke up and I haven’t even read about our awesome President Biden and his schedule of blank-page, book-signing, photo-ops this morning.

I have to get my father up and fighting for his health too. He is really bad in pain and won’t eat or drink and is just making recovery impossible. And another family member is getting married Wednesday and I just found out Saturday.

Can’t have anyone else weighing in, which is what other people always try to do. Already overweight on my balance.