I choose “The Benedict Option”

Will we be engaging in inter-galactical warfare soon, at the same time as warfare against god on nuclear and biological level going on?

Benedict Option - Chapter 8
“in premodern Christian imagination (where bodies are sacred vessels that belong to god who holds all things together), sex was filled with cosmic meaning in a way it no longer is”
The universe is held together by god, from the smallest atom to the galaxies, by making use of complementary polarities.

Are satanic forces in mankind trying to dissolve god’s forces on several levels?

Biological level:

  1. “Transgenderism and gay marriage breaks the biological and metaphysical reality of male and female.”
    (Benedict Option - Chapter 8)

  2. German gov (!) advice site for youth (!) (sick!):
    What do I need to do to get a prescription or funding for hormones, surgery or other gender-affirming treatments?

…but this evil spirit won’t restrict itself to humankind, but also to the nuclear level:
Atomic level:

CERN 666 - atom collider- tear apart the universe, to destroy god’s creation.

Bilderberg Switzerland 2019 - topics e.g. warfare in space

…building a tower reaching heaven trying to escape “god’s punishment”

I think we’ll need starships first, so it’s probably a long way off.

I think this is pride weekend. 1.5 million pride parade in Boston today. 80 and sunny. I guess 3 dudes want to form the straight pride parade in Boston. We already have that. It’s called the st Patrick’s day parade.

I’m not against gays but it really does seem bizarre to me to have huge parades to celebrate butt sex. I mean, by all means, do your butt sex if you want. I won’t stop you. I am for your ability to marry and get spousal benefits, too. Now kindly stop shutting down our cities to inform us all that you enjoy butt sex. We already know that.

BRUNEI recently improved anti-soddomite laws! Another muslim place…interesting