I am already unique

i live in maine
which is part of the united states
and used to be part of a state which is too difficult to spell
more than a million people live here
but not many more
all of the the allegations herein are supported by fact
i live in a big house with a woman who is a bitch in the morning
i make furniture which is useful but probably won’t outlive me
i have a lawn mower
don’t blink

and a dog

iam a rock, iam an island

and a rock feels no pain
and an island never cries

oh, a riddle.

It’s not a riddle. Bill Lowerre just gave an update about his life and Nico is posting sappy homo music from the 60s.

That sounds very nice, actually. Just don’t talk to her in the morning. You should know that by now. None of us talk to our women in the morning.

PS: Furniture that can last generations rarely does. When the owner/builder dies, the next generation usually sighs in relief, takes it to the dump which they’ve wanted to do for 20 years, and buys something new that they like.

i see that rush limbaugh has terminal lung cancer, which is too bad because lung cancer is not the most painful cancer. he should be tortured.

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I wasn’t aware of that! Hopefully Trump is next.

Is your dog pleasant? You should post pics.

could one of the religious people pray that it is a pitbull? thank you

he is a 50 lb mutt with a taste for wild turkeys. he thinks they taste like chicken.

I have just discovered this topic. There is a high percentage of woodworkers here. It appears. And dog fans.

You, Will and I all have cats. Tough to travel with dogs. Amusing that I started the woodworking thread when I’m the least woodworkerish person here. Mark is a better woodworker than I am.

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It’s a shame topic. Have you seen this movie? The 1981 Heavy Metal? The guy who takes the stand is like the real Bill Lowerre character while the guy on trial would be as likely as Kurt showing his face here and being mistaken for Derek Chauvin.

there is a secret plot
we’re all in on it
we meet in a hidden forum and discuss ways to make you anxious
we, in conjunction with the fake media, have discovered a way to harvest your anxiety energy
only you and like-minded-folk are kept out of the secret
we are in on it
you are out of it
because we know
how much you matter

the pot is good tonight because i have the best legal system in the world
the wine is right tonight because i have the best transportation system in the world
i got everything i need
and nothing i don’t
the chess is not so good, and i blame america

You’re impossible to talk to.

Maybe you should talk more to Will.

we would both be happier if you didn’t try

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i moved in with a girl with an eight year old rescue dog she got when he was two
trained to within an inch of my life
but you couldn’t walk him
tear your arm out of your socket
i took to hooking the leash above my elbow
i also taught him what happens when i lift his ten ton chest muscles into the air
he looks at me like “how are you doing this?” when i do that
now i walk him with two fingers on the leash
hate to blow my own horn
nobody else seems to
the dog gives me a gold star

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