I ain't saying it's right or it's wrong. i'm saying it happened

i was homeless for about five years, nobody cared.
one day a creeping socialist decided homeless veterans were unacceptable.
suddenly, you had to REALLY want to be homeless.
the VA would send people out to argue with you about it.
i was sleeping in a big room with 50 guys.
they gave me an apartment.
i was fed 3 meals a day.
fucking communists.

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you should read the chicago tribune
My rights have been constantly trampled by leftists and I have had to endure unspeakable horrors like using LED lightbulbs

mitch is a whore

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Mitch is a whore, true. Mitch has been a total whore for 4 years. Actually probably for his whole life but I’ve only paid attention to his whoredom for 4 years. Now suddenly Mitch has found principles and no longer wants to talk to Trump because his gentle sensibilities have been offended. Mitch can go kill himself for all I care. Stupid whore.


this from 2016

Trump won’t change the GOP. We’ll change him: Sen Mitch McConnell

I do wonder why Mitch turned on Trump.

Why would a Republican turn on a Republican? Doesn’t make sense. It’s almost like he has something to hide that Trump could expose. I do question what it could be. That would require researching his past. I don’t care that much.


Me too.

What a whore.

The entire underhanded cabinet can be exposed as I expect. No one cares what you think.


that’s an easy one
trump lost
it’s safe now

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His term isn’t over, yet. He does have 7 days remaining but really, how many classified documents can Trump declassify in that short amount of time?

There is nothing concealed that will not be disclosed, or hidden that will not be made known.
Luke 12: 2

gargamel : iam not obsessed with smurfs, thank you. i simply can’t stop thinking about the miserable beasts every single minute of every single day!
azrael : meow!

  • the smurfs (2011) (awful movie)

donnie died one night
died in his bed
texting application on the phone in his head
don’t you know that you are a shooting star?
and all the world will love you just as long
as long as you are
a shooting star

my apologies to bad company