Hunter Biden

Nothing is going to prevent the truth from coming out. :grin:.

What are the 3 types of aphasia?

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The three kinds of aphasia are Broca’s aphasia, Wernicke’s aphasia, and global aphasia.

they left out the fourth kind
gracie has it
it’s called “home-schooled aphasia”
yoe get it by being a christian

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Hunter Biden, who was screwing his brother’s widow, emailed her to get an HIV test. That isn’t creepy at all. God, gross.

I read yesterday that Joe was going to foot the bill for Hunter. I hope it bankrupts him.

you click on things
not to learn
but for that good feeling
“ah, i knew it all along”

What a winner this guy is. Joe Biden must wish he hadn’t taken viagra that day.

After learning of her condition, his wife probably leaned in and asked Biden if she could kill it.

He really is a bad person.

A loathsome mark on the US and yet he’s still allowed in the White House.

I almost forgot what I was dropping in here for lol. Hunter made news, again, but this time it’s not about drugs and prostitutes. Shocking!!

Hunter Biden has made a sport of betrayal to the American people and should be placed on trial, along with his dad. The article at the bottom of the page with Tucker Carlsen was interesting as well.

There seems to be nothing a Republican or conservative can say without being censored. After all, the Bill of Rights is not absolute, except when globalists have something irritatingly ignorant and often irrelevant to say. It is absolutely impossible for Republicans to have a voice when the Left deems everything a violation of Twitter guidelines.
I know you high-moral Liberals will see this as a big nothing. However, I’m probably going to keep posting these big Twitter nothings to this thread until I have a clear picture of exactly what these censor-happy whores did. What their conversations were and how they justified suppressing the Hunter Biden laptop from Hell.

Interesting take. It’s usually the democrats that have to step down (Franken and Cuomo), while David Vitter had nothing happen to him. Matt Gaetz has had nothing happen to him. Cawthorn had nothing happen to him.

When it comes to sex scandals, I can’t think of a republican politician that had to step down for harassment or hiring prostitutes.

Look at the way herschel walker treats women. Awful.

Here is a complete list of both Democrats and Republicans who have been convicted of sex crimes. I can assure you, Republicans are as guilty as Democrats and Democrats will always make sure Republicans are forced to step down for even the pettiest of charges.

I searched “Buz” and learned he had to step down for contributing to the delinquency of a minor. I wonder how many Democrats had to step down for something so petty.

Michele, BBAD is now 17 years old and you have never been censored here no matter how silly your posts have been.

I wasn’t talking about here. In fact, you are the only person talking about here. I was talking about social and mainstream media. We have been censored and shut down, with glaring proof.

You were censored on Twitter. That’s certain now. You weren’t censored on other sites. Not just this one, but Parler, Gab and others have been full on about Hunter Biden. I just don’t care about him. He sounds like a scumbag but it’s not a matter of importance to me.

You would care if he killed 5600 darkies.

True, I would, because my head is screwed on a bit better than that of most Republicans.

I’ll give you that one. Mortally speaking, humane working conditions does outweigh tax violations, gun charges, drug charges, money laundering and foreign lobbying not to mention he has cheap artistic talent. Having said that, Hunter had no qualifications for that Burisma job except that the big guy was his daddy and he was U.S.V.P. at the service of then President Obama and involved in the Ukraine policy. The fact that Hunter’s laptop is full of selfies, smoking crack with prostitutes, doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface of his immoral activity and I’m not going to dismiss his works as unimportant. Just because no one died doesn’t mean harm hasn’t been done and Americans are footing the bill and our security has been compromised while Hunter struts around the White House.