These guys deserve their own topic.

lets not glorify people that chose violence and paid the price for it

You mean those US seals? I wasn’t glorifying them at all. I’m just stunned these Houthis just sent a team of them back to their maker. We have no choice but to take these guys seriously.

i meant both the us seals and the houthis

You made me think a bit. Am I glorifying the Houthis? I am stunned and impressed that they just killed a bunch of US Navy Seals, generally recognized as the best fighting force in the world. I suppose that’s glorification in a way. I am against them attacking civilian ships. I like that they’re standing up for Palestine, but I am disgusted that they don’t stand up for religious minorities or women in their own country. In other words, I’m torn.

Looks like the Houthis had a bad day. Nice.

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I still dislike the Houthis but I admit she makes a point.

The real genocide is tried by the Hamas, not the Israelis. You can even read that up on their official agenda. Hamas and Houthis have even one more in common, than attempting a genocide. They don‘t care about how much and how many their own civilian people incl. children, suffer and die. And as long as the West don‘t learn that they can‘t fight such inhuman and fanatic people with kid gloves, as long such autocratic states (incl. Putin’s Russia) will win.

I do not love the Houthis but they are no worse than the Israelis imo.

That’s not true. Israel doesn’t bomb every vessel that passes through.

No, they just destroy every building in Gaza.

EDIT: The Houthis don’t bomb every vessel that passes either. They just bomb Israeli and US affiliated vessels. The more I think of it, the Houthis are probably more morally justifiable than Israel or the US. I still dislike them, but they aren’t killing civilians on a massive scale.

Yeah, it’s really very immoral for Israel to defend themselves against murderers.

No, Michele, that’s not immoral at all. It’s immoral for Israel to genocide the Palestinian people in Gaza while lying about defending itself from murderers.

Hamas didn’t murder anyone?

Hamas killed over a thousand innocent people, Michele. Mass murdering ten thousand children is not defending yourself from Hamas. Destroying homes, schools and hospitals in Gaza isn’t defending yourself from Hamas.

This massacre has done nothing to Hamas. If anything, Hamas is made stronger as Israel destroys the lives of countless innocent people, leaving men without families or jobs, leaving them nothing but rage and hatred of Israel.

Not blind hatred, either. JUSTIFIED hatred. Destroy my life and you’re damn right I’ll hate you. Israel is just ensuring there’s another generation of Hamas fighters bent on destroying Israel. Suicide.

Calm down, Reg. It sounds like you’re having a meltdown over Israel.