Opens door* (creak)* Noisy! You should have that looked at, Reg. :eyes:
Trips over shoes* Size 8. Big foot, big mouth. Must be Gundas

Geez, it’s dark in here! Someone turn on a light.

Checks bathroom* Shewwww, WILL!

Checks Kitchen* Wow! No kitchen. pout

No kitchen, no bedroom, no bathroom.

But check out this living space. It has its very own built-in stereo system with surround sound. Very nice touch.

I don’t know why everyone is so quiet. It is weird to me.

It’s the weekend. People do stuff. I went out with a couple of friends last night. It was unremarkable but pleasant.

What a disappointing waste of time for you. On a positive note, your friends must have been celebrating the jovial energy radiating from your beaming personality.

Yesterday I brought the cat to the vet. Then I went to a bday party. Then I went to a 70s party. The vet appt didn’t even feel like the same day. Today, I did yoga, grocery shopping, pressure washing, car washing and waxing, a few other things. Beautiful weekend. I also saw Aladdin, which was better than I thought it would be.

The woman was not feeling well today. We’ve been having problems. I hope it works out but time will tell. My appointment to change the bandage of my surgical wound is at 7:20 am tomorrow so I have to get up at 5. Joy. She always goes with me even though I tell her she doesn’t have to. She’s got a physio appointment at the same time on Tuesday so I’ll go with her to show some support. We’re getting old, both of us. She less than me but both of us are clearly aging. Might as well age together as I see it. We’ll see if she agrees.

I am getting interested in watches. I mean I’ve always been interested in them but I’m toying with trying a microbusiness of watch selling here in South America. I can buy lower than they can. I doubt there’s a market for anything really nice but some lower end Seikos might sell reasonably.

I have two client projects on the go. One is for a new client in Toronto that could be quite lucrative if he actually pays. He seems difficult to work with though, so I’m not sure I’ll ever see money on it. The other is for an old client that always pays promptly. That should definitely turn into enough cash to pay for a few more years of living. I am still not totally confident in my retirement but it’s looking ok. Hopefully I will die younger than I think I will and then money won’t be a problem.

Ok, now you know everything about my life.

I heard it was an excellent movie.

Positive outlook! I like it!

Just had my appointment with the plastic surgeon. He said I will need skin graft surgery in a month. I will need general anaesthetic, too, which I am terrified of. This has been a truly horrible year.

You should march right in there on the day of surgery, tell them your fears and demand they proceed without anesthetic.

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What a good idea! How helpful of you. :grinning: