Hot Damn

My addiction of choice this week is harder than usual. Hot Damn is hot and burns going down. Move to the right, Reg, before I puke on your soul because I feel sick and I can tell you are open to this vile experience.
What makes you such a turn off is that you somehow think your money is a turn on. You have eloquent speech but nothing with substance that I can really sink my teeth into. While very clean and beautiful, your words used to penetrate but the pleasant feeling I once receive from them disappears when you stab me in the heart with your blatant disregard for a higher power so I forget most of what you say. My mind closes to your hate-filled spirit every time you stab me with your lies. You have searched long and hard for the truth and when you find it, you struggle and resist it because you don’t truly know what it means to you. Because even though you have found the truth, your heart is so dark, you can’t see it. That is a grave mistake on your part and you are going to burn for that. If you don’t open your eyes and fight for any shred of dignity you have left in your paralyzed mind, you are going to be spiritually violated in a brutal way. You are in a spiritual trap you can not get out of. If you resist, it will be humiliating for you. But if you just lay there on your couch and do nothing, I will assume your soul really is empty and you clearly have nothing to fight for. I can’t respect that and no one else will either because that presses hard against our natural walk together.

Everyone here knows the truth but none will admit it until you do because it is your house. That gives you even more to have to answer for. You possess the power to take the world with you but no real desire to experience Love in its purest form. That makes you Empty and your eloquent words bankrupt of any ability to penetrate my mind. Even boring. You fear what you don’t understand. You fear change because you like your life and are very unwilling to sacrifice anything for it. That is the part you truly don’t understand. No one is really asking you to sacrifice anything at all. The Sacrifice has already been made for you. There is no need for you to change even one thing in your life. Even BBAD would not change but instead it would be enhanced with unimaginable glory. If you ever come to terms with the truth, your life will change in ways so small, you would have to wait years to look back and see how it happened and indeed you have already looked back twenty years and experienced the truth.

I remember being taken down by schnapps in NY state once.

I don’t know what I did to set Michele off but I hope she’s over it soon. Today I have three separate Christmas engagements, then nothing until Christmas Day. lol. First, one of the ham radio clubs I belong to has its Christmas luncheon at a local golf course. Fancy place full of very not-fancy ham radio people. lol. Then I have dinner with some friends, then a Christmas concert by a local choir called Espiritu which a friend’s wife sings in. I haven’t seen them for a few years. Should be fun. Won’t be on much until tomorrow.

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Today is my niece in law’s 1st bday. Tomorrow is the 1st of 2 christmases of which I was hosting but I have cancelled them all due to illness.

Espiritu (the choir) was in rare form. They are amazing these days. A nice day.

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