That is quite an interesting connection you made here.
I can say that within my lifetime my view on the capital H has changed quite a bit.
Beginning in my early WN years I took over the widespread WN notion of "we lost the war and did the big H, so we cannot be proud and hence had a guilt cult superimposed. All other nations are able bodies, but we have been crippled.
Which of course over the years proved to be either a convenient excuse for half-hearted WNs to sit back and do absolutely nothing or complete BS, since for instance neutral countries (Sweden, Switzerland) and countries on the other side (Britain, just thing about Rotherham rapes) over the years proved to harbour similar syndromes of western decay despite of their siding with the (((ones))).

Then of course all the years of “alternative facts” to the point of positively “don’t care”.

My razor-sharp intellect lately detected a tendency in people lagging faith and identity to adopt rather quickly to these guilt cults (Tammuz, Holo, Carbon emissions, SJWism, refugees, white guilt…), when one is overcome, the system already has ready the next one to propagate. People of faith (muslims, devote christians, let alone isolated communities) are mostly immune while the decaying West largely sucks up anything, then after a short time you can observe individuals ruminating on the Newspeak of the particular cult (“Friday for Future”, “Carbon emission”, “CO2”, “gay pride”, “never again”, “climate”…).

Hence, with faithless people, there seems to be no gain if hard working, successful nationalists :wink: manage to get rid of a guilt cult, because the sheeple will then only ruminate on the next one the globalists will have readily prepared for them. And then the next one. So better to let them go with the one they already are able to ruminate on…Keeps things more quiet…

  • Doesn’t the (((Talmud))) compare nonbelievers to ruminant animals at one instance? Quite suitable on 2nd thought, huh?

Beside “ruminate animals” and people of faith there seems to be a 3rd group which I will refer to as kind of Übermenschen - super humans: they hadn’t grown up in a religious environment, yet still they seem to be almost immune to any guilt cult.
They seem to repel every guilt cult like a teflon coated device, like myself! It just won’t stick. No traction whatsoever.
It would be helpful to find out what let them be the way they are - from where does this immunity stem from?

The holocaust industry at work again.

How many survivors can there possibly be?

A more pertinent question: how many survivors are there who haven’t already received millions of dollars in compensation?


Idk but that was unsettling.

Some pseudo-germanic soyboys just can get enough of sucking that good kosher

Too bad “Dannyboy” isn’t in charge here yet…

Posting that trash doesn’t convict you? I mean, just a minute ago you were posting about your hopes for the return of Christ. How is it your train of thought doesn’t flow steadily in one direction? Are you posting about Christ in mockery?

I am a very confused aryan warrior.

Never ever will you hear anything slandering the almighty, the redeemer and messiah or blaspheming the holy ghost from me. I know what I am doing. There is nothing Jesus-related in my post above, just showing the absurdity of worldly people - as usual.

Don’t tell me you didn’t enjoy my Hußnätter sausage answer to the Holoxxx topic.

Are you a worldly person?