Ever wonder what people looked like 5700 years ago?

I love duck.

Me too, although it’s bit fatty. Dark skin and blue eyes is a combination that is extremely rare today.

There is a lot to consume here. If you could only focus on his most important work, what would you Google?

nothing, he is of no importance to me

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Me either but history is important to me and I need a crash course in what’s important, like the Eisenhower Doctrine. I think that’s pretty important but then, that’s the only thing I’ve read. It’s okay. I’m sure someone here finds history important.
I wonder if Eisenhower believed in aliens. :thinking:

lol i understand, he was one of your presidents and sure history is important as long as you realise its just stories from people

lol i doubt eisenhower believed in aliens unless you mean “people that are not white”

Well, no. I’m sure he believed in people of all colors, shapes and sizes. I wonder if he believed in people who are not human.

ah you made me google him! lol

“These are not bad people,” the president said. “All they are concerned about is to see that their sweet little girls are not required to sit in school alongside some big black bucks.”


maybe it wasnt the canadians that supplied the ingredients for the atomic bomb but other aliens! lol

lol I should have googled. I’ll reply after I’ve had a chance to read it. In the mean time, I was listening to music earlier and heard a song I haven’t heard in years so I googled weaver and was educated, a little.

“ruled in 2001 that Horiuchi could be tried on state charges. But a new county prosecutor, Brett Benson, had been elected in 2000 and dismissed the case, saying it was unlikely the state would be able to prove the criminal charges.”

I knew nothing about this event. I’d like to know why this FBI sniper escaped justice. I mean, I know they cover for each other but why do they continue to get away with it. They are suspected of deliberately setting fire to Waco but they aren’t having to answer for it. How do they get away with so much crime and then burn so much of our tax dollars on investigations into communication with aliens?

“but a deal was signed with a race called “Alien Greys”.”

Weird This “deal” was not in that list I posted. What kind of deal does a man make with an alien?

Greys have since become the subject of many conspiracy theories. Many conspiracy theorists believe that Greys represent part of a government-led disinformation or plausible deniability campaign, or that they are a product of government mind-control experiments.[15]During the 1990s, popular culture also began to increasingly link Greys to a number of military-industrial complex and New World Order conspiracy theories.

I’ve never heard of this, no surprise, but completely believable.