History in visual comic-style form

I like the bible in comic form as presented by the bible project.
And I am always searching for other religions and historic events in this form.

Here I found some history in this form

Italy WW

American revolution (british lost):

Chechen Wars:

My comic is better.

Ok, not a comic but whatever.

If this is showing Trump building the steel-framed footing of a wall to Mexico, I support it.

Something like that. :smiley:

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Did you check my race? I am 90% European!!! Confirmed!

I don’t care at all. Here is a pointless photo of my woman’s cat that I just took 2 min ago.

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Ah hahaha!

Is she of good pedigree?

No. When Isa was a starving student in the Macarena district of Bogotá, some neighbour’s cat had a litter and she took one of the kittens.

Are all Reconquistadores in here? Or descendants? Or soon-to-be? Or wannabe?
Then this is your animated YT channel…