Hello Strangers

Hi guys, Hope everyone is surviving and safe. Like most I’ve had better years and I will be glad to see the back of one this one. To earn a buck these days I spend my entire day in front of a computer and that has mostly killed me using it for anything else. My excuse for hardly getting on line socially, I do miss it occasionally and I’m sorry for losing touch with good people. Jules

Julie, good to see you online. I remember sitting at my sister’s house in Toronto on New Year 2018 saying “2018 was a shitty year, surely 2019 will be better”. Then in 2019 a diabetic ulcer nearly cost me my foot, I had two surgeries and my relationship nearly fell apart. Now in 2020 the world has shut down, the real estate market has crashed and we’re all in prison at home. I look forward to the locusts and alien invasions of 2021.

hello grizzlyrose, thank you and nice to see you are still alive and kicking

lol yes reg things can always get worse… but also better;)

Hi Ju. Where are you living at the moment?

Hi guys, good to hear back, @ Dan I’ve been back in Sydney since 2016, still miss the sand but enjoying the city like I never thought I would. I was planning a seachange for 2020/2021 but COVID is now the boss, so that’s on hold until travel is on the agenda again. I read a few posts and you sound happy and sane as always.
@ Thinki, yeah am very much alive and kicking, I want to slow down but life, work, and family somehow win and I’m busier than ever.
@ Reg, you too sound well and happy, where did you get COVID stranded, Canada or Colombia? I have friends round the globe stuck in wrong countries, well not wrong, but people like yourself who straddle two places and now can’t. But perhaps you are now settled in one place, you have to update me, I’m behind.
Sorry, think I replied in the wrong order there. How is Will? I see Florida isn’t doing so well, hope he’s doing okay.
I want to forget this year ever happened, COVID apart, it has been shitty to say the least. But maybe it’s the real crap that make you appreciate better times.
Catch me up on any goss I may have missed out on …

True. Not a good year. Not feeling well the last 3 days. Might get swabbed tomorrow. Everything is mild, but I have all the symptoms and with my pathetic lungs I’m paranoid.

Drama? Hmm. I’m not sure. Not many righties around here anymore.

Don’t say it.

Hope you’re okay, it’s a worry if you have underlying respiratory risks.
Australia is doing pretty well in comparison, though we have had a spike in last week or so but I think we are only up to about 110 deaths which is amazing in the great scheme but it isn’t over yet. We aren’t really using masks, I tried when I travelled and they are a major pain in the arse. With this latest spike Aussie may start enforcing their use. I’m working from home full time which is less fun than I imagined, and COVID has me busier than ever getting resources for webinars and online courses. Every cloud heh … at least I have no employment worries

Hey Mark, long time no see, hope you’re doing okay

Things are working out wonderfully for me. I just hope the health boosts soon.

New england is doing well. Better than 2 months ago. It has flip flopped. Now the south is doing worse. I’ve been running a ton of swabs. We probably run 300 a day. Most are pre op so people can have surgery. 3% positive.

So glad to hear that Mark, keep safe.

Can you get an inhaler like PROAIR HFA (albuterol sulfate)?
Non steroidal.

I actually have an inhaler. Leftover from when I had the flu in February. I actually don’t have asthma anymore. My lungs only give me trouble when I’m sick.

Like yourself, I don’t like using it. I just don’t like taking steroids. I used it for 3 days. That was enough and by that time, the flu was gone.

Good question, though. I’m not sure.

I’m in Medellín. We had decided to leave this city and then we got caught by the lockdowns. No complaints, though. Honestly, there’s no better place I could’ve been for the lockdown. Here’s a photo I took walking around the apartment complex a few hours ago.

Looks more laid back than where I am and if you are in lock down I can think of far worse … but Cartagena omg, that place looks brilliant.

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Well, me, I’ve just had my one year at ONEC Group, working with work camps in Terrace/Kitimat. I traded my Sentra for a 2018 Malibu and I should have kept the Sentra! And I have a newborn who’s 2 months and 3 weeks now! His name’s Clark. Looking to buy a house next! Glad to hear from you again! I’ve been dropping in when I could

All at such a young age!

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Looking great, @Jonny. Nice to see you succeed.

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