Head Covering

What are you doing, Reg? Has your god, Google, not given you an answer yet?

If you really want to know, I was spending the afternoon on the pot. We ate greasy food for lunch and after years in Colombia our bodies just can’t handle it anymore. Fresh fruit and fish for us.

Ok I won’t Google. Why only married women?

I’m asking you.

Oh. Hi Will.

Thank God for bidets.


Hi Michele.

Yes. Thank you, Lord.

About coverings. I believe the scripture begins with, “to wives”. Why can’t you answer the question? This scripture has haunted me for entirely too long. You have Google. Surely you will find the answer there.

If you’re on the toilet you should have time to Google.

Ok I’m sorry. If you haven’t googled it, what do you think it means?

I just reread the whole chapter 11, and even went back and read chapter 10. I don’t see that. The only thing I see about who he’s speaking to is this in chapter 10, verse 15.

I speak to sensible people; judge for yourselves what I say.

You posted this didn’t you?


Ok not “to” wives but it is addressing wives.

I just received a warning that this thread was becoming “unfriendly” or something like that.

That never stopped you before.

Nor will it now. WTF Reg, do we have a monitor here?

That’s telling him!

Try to be friendlier Michele.

I guess he’s googling lol