Hard hitting investigative journalism

leslie stahl
60 minutes
gonna uncover a little profiteering
interviews the ceo of a company that actually makes something
in this case ventilators
snippet this morning makes me want to tune in
leslie:your ventilator costs $41000?
ceo:well…yeah…(where is she going with this?)
leslie:but that’s CRAZY!
they don’t show the ceo in the snippet saying
“that’s what they cost, bitch. we also offer the folding paper fan. for when your loved ones are drowning. in their own lungs.”
and they don’t show anybody laying out greens fees for mar-a-lago
whither my country?

The push for ventilators was a scam, or at least an example of wild fear mongering. We were told that we would need hundreds of thousands of ventilators. Car companies were pressed into service for emergency manufacturing of ventilators. All we heard on the news through March, April and May were that we were all going to die waiting for ventilators. By June people were noticing that hardly any were being used. Now nobody talks about ventilators.

They gave people a peaceful death. Not choking, vomiting and convulsing and urinating and defecating on themselves during the struggle which can easily be passed of as the choking of an invisible assailant.

You are getting too arrogant you airhead. You still are too weak to do your own breathing and you know the hard frozen pane.

A reminder.

How would you like to find a loved one dead like IT had ravaged them with a 3 hour choking episode where they couldn’t even get up to call for help on the cell phone? Just coughing and fainting.

Never mind you figure you are the breathing machine and one producing immunities.

It’s because of people like you Reggie.

They can be used at the next fires. Smoke inhalation victims.