Happy Thanksgiving 2018!

Wow there was so much anticipation leading up to this special day. But what was odd was that I sensed apprehension from some people especially the Administrator here. What was he and and a few others so afraid and uncomfortable about? It is Turkey Day and Reggie has gone missing!

I had to work.
Normal day.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

I must work too, but later.

What kind of work do you do Mark?

Happy Thanksgiving! We did it a month ago here but I am thankful anyway.

Oh just simple work.

Christmas is coming soon. Are you ready to give up your meat Reggie?

I’m heading to Toronto for Christmas this year, Mark. Should be fun. How about you?

I think you might be too busy for me. I am tired of hiding this site from people too. You made it clear I am a detriment to the way you want to portray yourself to others and detract too much from those relations.

There is no sanity here. This past holiday stresses that. Michele spending so much time at a keyboard to collect enough underboob chafing that she can pass on being up a turkey with stuffing pots alone. Maybe should buy a jar of vaseline with every pack of hot dog buns before she goes through her “meltdowns” here.

This is too public a forum anyway. I don’t like it. Goodbye.

I’m so sorry if my presence offends you. I don’t want to be your reason for leaving.

Today is my Thanksgiving so Happy Thanksgiving everyone, especially Mark.

Happy Thanksgiving Michele.

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