Happy national kombucha day!

I’ve been on a kombucha kick lately. I have collected all the ingredients to make root beer. I just need time to do it lol. Only takes a week. I might try kombucha afterwards.

i think its great that you (try to) make these things by yourself, why on earth anyone would want to drink that stuff is beyond me especially when some claim you can treat aids and cancer with it and others have died from it!?! lol

I have also seen people claim it can cure cancer. A friend of mine used to make it for his friend that had part of his colon removed and that did make him feel better. I can see it helping with pain. That I 100% believe. Cancer cure? I don’t think so. There are a lot of types of cancer. You could never find a cure for all of them the same way.

Definitely have to be careful with it. I love good kombucha and feel amazing drinking it. I don’t know about it curing things but it’s probably my favorite drink now.

Bad kombucha is awful though. Some just taste like vinegar. You can bring growlers to a place hear and they will tap it for you. It’s much cheaper than just buying a 3 dollar bottle. Although buying a 3 dollar is cheaper than going to the bar. I will be interested to see if I can measure the alcohol content on my own.

The ones that died probably forgot to speak loving words to their scoby.

So you can buy it ready AND it contains alcohol? Sign me up.

I think I might trust the store bought more than my homemade.

I think the alcohol level is 0.4%.

Can you buy it in a grocery store? How many ounces in a $3 bottle? In what way does it make you feel better?

I’m super interested but I don’t want to do all the work. I’m like Will, might be interested in buying some ready made and pay the premium.

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I have drinking iced coffee all day and my Dr. told me to change drinks. All I could think of was GatorAde but this my have some benefits other than electrolytes.

Just saw they have it at Target and Walmart so probably everywhere. I am so behind the times.

guess if you consider dying a benefit… luckily its a rare side effect…

well good luck you 3… time to sleep for me but will say goodbye just in case you are all gone after i wake up tomorrow;)

It would perfect to sip all day.

They sell 14 dollar half gallon growlers
Sounds like a good deal…

gnite thinki

Do the ones from the store taste good or do you have to live with the taste?

This is my favorite now…

Some of them are excellent. The health ade ginger one is good. I had a berry one that was terrible. I couldn’t drink it…

Think positive. You might be the one to die! :smiley:

I will give it a try. Thanks