Happy Canada day!

I’m not sure there are any left here. Canadians that is. Let’s celebrate with a victory for the Danes.

Oh Canada!
We have ice and girls.
Oh Canada, we export ice to the world!

Hey, I’m still Canadian, even though I spend as much time out of the country as I can. lol. And thank you. I just spent an amazing week in Toronto and was reminded what a good country it is, even though I am hoping to spend most of my time elsewhere.

So it’s Canada Day tomorrow. I was on the phone with an old friend and suggested we might get together with the wives for Canada Day lunch. He said great, but wanted to check with his wife. He called back and invited me to his cabin for lunch. It’s in the forest somewhere. We have to hike there. There are no roads to it.

I think I’d rather get a prostate exam by a doctor with big fingers but I didn’t feel I could say no. I hate going into the forest. I actually quite dislike nature in general unless I’m viewing it from a car window or a boat. The thing is, he didn’t even sound excited about it and his wife sounded even less so. I wonder how many forays into nature occur because people think it should be fun and just put up with all the discomfort because they’ve convinced themselves that it’s what they want.

Anyway, it’s going to be a Canada Day where Reggie is forced out of his comfort zone.

Sounds like my cup of tea. Enjoy!

As Tiriumph might say “It sounds like a great place . . . . for me to poop on”

nice, bring plenty of water in case you get lost lol and have fun jungle reg!

You haven’t thought this through have you? It may be that he is sending you a simple message about the consequences of prematurely opening your fat mouth. Don’t forget the water and happy hiking!

I am trying to stay positive. Perhaps we might die on the way there. :smiley:

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We went. We did not die.

It’s a cabin up on one of the mountains you see in the background of those photos of Vancouver. There are no houses permitted there but a few cabins are grandfathered in. They really are just tiny cabins, though. No roads, no running water, no grid power. Outhouses. The walk in was hard, 3km through the mountain forest, mostly uphill. The walk back was easier.

It was beautiful, pristine, and peaceful. I also can’t understand at all what people see in this. lol. I asked my friend and his wife how they spend their time there. They explained that they’re so busy with the basic survival tasks of life there (preparing food, finding/lugging/chopping wood for heat, and maintenance of the cabin) that they have no time for any leisure anyway. They can’t wash well. They can’t take showers. Even the plates we used to eat on were brought back to the car for washing back home. More than anything, it felt like a time machine. This is how people lived before electricity. It is not appealing to me.

There’s no view at all from the cabin other than trees. The view from the road back to the city was quite nice. I’ve looked at those mountains a million times but never looked back at the city from one of them. Here’s a photo I found on the web. I didn’t take any myself as it was overcast.

you did it, you survived… congrats!

ps: did you poop in the forest like a bear? :wink:

No I didn’t, although I think I’d prefer that to using the wooden outhouse they had. The whole thing was just very uncivilized.

You can’t see what people see in a beautiful, pristine and peaceful view?

It’s not city life is it Reg, although I don’t think it’s fair of you to paint their lifestyle as uncivilized. People actually have to do physical labor to survive in some places in the world. That doesn’t make them uncivilized any more than working from behind a big desk in a big high-rise building makes you civilized.
I’m happy to know you survived the hike but maybe the treadwell is a better fit for your cardio needs. From there, you can quit when you feel you’ve had enough.

It was totally uncivilized, Michele.

You mean like Colombia?

Parts of Colombia are uncivilized, no question. Parts of Vancouver are uncivilized as I posted. I’m fairly sure that some parts of Oklahoma are uncivilized, too.

Absolutely! All if Oklahoma is uncivilized. I’m so lucky to have running water.

I just gave Oklahoma 19 minutes and 24 seconds of my life.

I’m guessing that’s a record for you. Congratulations. Nice, thorough video.

For Oklahoma, certainly. I’d bet you’ve never spent 19 minutes on Vancouver.