Judge, Gunda! The righteousness of the Lord is upon you. Do not be afraid. The Lord does nothing until He reveals it to His servants the prophets.

The mystery of God is hidden in Christ and the Holy Spirit has revealed it to me.

Judgement is coming upon the world but have peace. Jesus overcame the world. Death where is your sting?

God is setting the world on fire. And unless you have the righteousness of Noah, Danial and Job, you will not escape. But if you have the righteousness of Noah, Danial and Job, you will pass through the fire unharmed. Give Him glory. For He has given you a Way out. The world will not escape judgement but everyone who puts their faith in Jesus will be rescued. These are not my words but my Father gives these words to me and I give them to you. May the Peace that surpasses all understanding dwell in you. For I have prayed and asked God for you because I love you and my Father loves you.

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I do not worry about Gunda! She’s a girl! lol. I suspect Gunda has been experiencing a great deal of love coming from her heart. That’s whe she hides. When she sees you all in a different place, her guard will fall and she will show herself.

Thank you, Lord! For you have caused both man and woman to travail in childbirth. We are in You and You are in Him and We are One.