Gun Rights

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I love the gadsens flags!!

Yeah, you would.

if you get to vote on how and when and how much pot i can buy, then i get to vote on how much ammunition you have available when you get outraged over something.
eleven rounds
if you need more, you did something really wrong and 12 coming to get ya is justice
that should work

Your vote doesn’t count. Remember that when you go vote.

yo momma is so fat

I want to visit Virginia. If I had a ticket to another state it would be the this one first.

Nothing to do with gun rights.

Is something happening in Virginia, Mark?

If my sister got married to her boyfriend and they had a place together I would feel better.

Anyways according to her, Virginia is the place in the world.

It could only possibly be better if Bernie Sanders was President according to theory.

It’s just that every time I think it would be a good time to visit even if just for a few days, it starts getting out of control there.

Most places in the US would be better if Bernie was president.

you have a fondness for old rich white guys
on a more serious note
i think recent elections prove that most people vote for the party, not the candidate
how can 51% vote for the asshole, and 49% for the other asshole
well daddy always voted for…
us boys down ta the pub are voting for…
only a few million americans actually make a choice on election day
i’ll take this one over clinton
i’ll take this one over trump
sad comment on public schools

Why did you post this anyway Will? Did you have any plans?

Do you want a check up?

Do not speak my name in vain Lardo.

My what a nice mouth.

So does Melania.

I know I do. The Conservative Party leader in Canada could cure cancer and win the Nobel Peace Prize and I’d still vote Liberal. I also consider this to be a reasonable approach.

In my adult lifetime (let’s say since 1980 when I was 15), no conservative in either of our countries has balanced the budget, even though they claim fiscal responsibility as a conservative trait. In your country, Clinton balanced it and Obama almost balanced it, while Republicans talked the talk and then spent like drunken sailors. In my country Chretien balanced it for a decade and then conservatives won and spent like drunken sailors.

I have no interest in giving them another shot at it.