What a difference a year has made in the grocery delivery scene back home. When I left Vancouver in January, it was a pain in the ass to get groceries delivered. Now I’ve just signed up for 3 different services, plus Walmart, all of whom will deliver my groceries promptly and cheaply.

This is important as I’ll be under 24/7 quarantine for two weeks.

It’s all so healthy and perfect. By logic it makes you truly should have the best body here.

i would be interested in the details of your 24/7 confinement
will there be watchers?
will the government pay for your room and board?

Not that I know of.

Most definitely not.

Quarantine in BC is just house arrest without the ankle bracelet.

there have been cases in hawaii where tourists were arrested for breaking quarantine
is it like that in bc?

Theoretically yes. Realistically no. We just don’t have enough cops to enforce things like that. I won’t test it, though. I’ll do my 2 weeks in condo prison.

honeymoon in hawaii
don’t leave the pool and the mai-tais
don’t order any thing but room service
don’t get a tan or an arrest record
bc is cold
you don’t want to go out anyway
what with your coulomb-ian blood

It must be terrible shopping for food with such a torn up stomach and weak gut. So much sugar you can’t process your whole body always smells like its turning into fecal matter. And all you do is put on more unhealthy fat and atrophy muscle to make space for it.

hey reg
i just got an idea
since you are stuck in condo-hell
we should play a one move per day correspondence chess game
fourteen moves isn’t a lot
so i will commit to two moves beforehand
i will write them down right now if you agree
if i am white i’ll do pd4 pc4
if i am black i’ll do pb6 bb7
unless you do something funky

As with so many things that have changed, this change will likely survive covid. In Colombia I haven’t shopped for groceries in person for 5 years. If I have that available to me in Vancouver, I don’t anticipate shopping in person there again. Once you’ve shopped for groceries by clicking on your phone, it’s tough to go back to the old way.

yet i just offered you a way

Re chess: sure, but why not just play normally? I will have internet.

i want it written down and un-editable
so i can call your moma fat
want white or black?

White, but I’m packing. Let’s start on the weekend when I’m in Bogotá.

You don’t miss the looks you get from your spiffy outfits being so slim at optimal weight? Showing off your watch? And of course the approval you get at the check out line when they see such a good boy eating veggies!

You know what I like? Being dense hulking muscle. Being so humble about the absolute most powerful, real, solid, and dense on earth.

i promise not to cheat
i don’t care if you do
let’s wait til you get to bc
by the way
we don’t say bc anymore
we say bce
i think it means before common era
but it really means a long time ago

if you do king pawn, i respond pb6
if you do queen pawn, i respond pd5
if you do anything else i will crush you
think about that in the small hours of the morning


Same. I have no chess pride left. When I was 30, losing crushed my soul. Now not losing is a pleasant surprise, usually followed by 10 losses in a row to my phone.

it was unhealthy. not good reggie! you’d never lose weight lol!