Hello All.
It’s been a long time since I have been on.
MidKitten/GrizzlyMidKitty here.

I have some sad news. On Nov 22, 2021 GrizzlyLar1 passed away. He went into cardiac arrest and could not be revived.

I was informed of this yesterday and his wife posted something earlier today.

Some of you may remember him.

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Hello MidKitten. Sorry for your loss.

i remember him from the zone but we never really talked
condolences, may he rest in peace

i remember thinking all the grizzly people were fucked up
across the board
no exceptions
specially grizzlyjanitor
hope he’s dead

Holly, was he the one with the Grizzly tattoo? I remember seeing that and thinking, “that guy really likes his Internet chess club”.

That was Jim, Grizzlyloco. He died several years ago around this time of year as well.

is grizzlyelvis still alive?

Shhhh. He’s with Lar1 and loco.