Greek Mythology

I mentioned the other day that I’ve been getting schooled on Greek Mythology. I don’t think I understand why it’s called “mythology.” I’m reading stories that seem to be real. Maybe I was taught wrong in school but doesn’t mythology mean fiction?

its reality to those that believe in gods

I’ll assume you don’t believe there were giants? According to this Greek Mythology and the Bible, there were.

The motto of the Greek army is “Never leave your buddys behind”.

Our Lord repeatedly promised He would never leave us or forsake us.

The Greek Army made a conditional promise. Obviously, one must be a buddy.
Jesus made an unconditional promise, even inviting us to come as we are.
Revelation 22:17

I’m sure the Greek army would let you come as you are.

i believe the believers believe in such ludicrous things

the believers will believe anything. even trump. that’s why they call 'em believers.

I’m sorry. I can see it’s a joke.

You are not a Greek.