After my first college course as a Running Start Student in 2001, I have several certificates, two associate degrees, and now a Bachelor of Applied Science - Organizational Leadership in Technical Management.

What I’ll do with it, I don’t know yet.

Thinking about a duel leadership/business management master’s program. Hubby quit his job of 9 years to start a different career (similar to my field). He has about three years worth of higher education ahead of him, so I might wait to pursue a master’s until he is done.

Congratulations, Holly!

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nice job!
americans getting educated… there is hope for this world yet :wink:

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Thanks guys!

Thinking… I am always attempting to learn more and be better… doesn’t always work, but I do try :wink:

do or do not, there is no try!

Congrats Holly! We are probably close in age. It’s more difficult now. Impressive!

I am 21 with 18 years worth of experience. (Ok 39, but I like the way I phrased it first.)

I my hair is starting to change color and I am not happy about it. A neighbor and family stopped in and one of them pointed out my hair changing color, and actually plucked a few from my head to make his point. I was a smidge upset over that.

Oh ok. I’m 44. So not that close in age. I did do an online Michigan State University thing 10 years ago. Maybe it was because it was online or boring, but not as easy as 25 years ago.