In the first three months of this year, I have:

  • Made it back to Canada.
  • Delivered a large project for a new client in Edmonton and been paid to my amazement.
  • Fired that same client because he was torture to work with.
  • Opened negotiations with an even larger client that I am hoping to close within a month or so.
  • Totally renovated my condo, including new floors, kitchen, bathrooms and appliances. This one is still in progress so I’m cheating a bit mentioning it, but I’ve done all that I need to do on the project. Just waiting for others to do their part now.
  • Got my ROC(Maritime) radio certification.
  • Signed up for Spanish lessons hoping to get past intermediate this year.
  • Started the process of purchasing a small office in downtown Vancouver. I am hoping to improve my financial position a bit with some real estate.
  • Installed a beautiful Google Maps capable Android system in the car that looks like a factory install.
  • Bought a pair of bicycles and all the toys needed to go riding this summer.

I still hope to:

  • Get my ROC(Aeronautical) radio certification for no reason whatsoever.
  • Get my Advanced Amateur and Morse certifications.
  • Finish my wife’s papers to get her legal in Canada.
  • Deliver that deal for the new client mentioned above, and the usual deals for my existing clients.
  • Get fluent in Spanish.
  • Get back to Colombia. I love it there. I love it here, too, but I love it there.

What have you done this year and what are you hoping to still do before the year is out? I know Dan got a big promotion in his career so he’s already ahead of me.

Sat on my ass. Waiting to die. One step closer.

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You got your radio fixed! You’re planning on doing some CW. You even have some antenna ideas as I recall.

All true. I would like to recover the code speed I once had. Should happen fairly quickly. It comes back fast. (thanks for that at least). My radio is fixed but the cable that connects the keyer to the radio has a short. New cable ordered. frustrating. I have new antenna (tw, formerly trans world) now sold by dx engineering. I also want to throw a 40 meter end fed into a tree. There are goals to be had within that hobby. Nothing of import. I don’t care. That’s the crux of the matter. Anymore, I just don’t care.

I get that. I care a lot less about many things but I care more about some things than I ever did before. The best way to die is to give less and less of a damn about things until you finally don’t care at all and die.

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doing my best.

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I care about Angie and my children. Thus I live.



  • promotion started last sunday. Only difference I have noticed is other labs contact me more than before. I’m not actually sure who they contacted.

  • my wife got her 2nd shot March 31st

Upcoming goals

  • going to Florida on April 19 to see father in law. Pompano beach

Upcoming projects

  • improve the landscaping around the hot tub. I just ordered a new hot tub cover. Sunday night the wind ripped my cover off the hot tub. It ended up landing on a hook on the fence and punctured a hole. So it was exposed for 16 hours. Lots of debris despite the privacy fence.

  • build a cedar cooler chest and free little library if lumber cost ever goes down.

  • go to the gym if things keep improving. I feel safe but I’m not exercising in a mask.

  • use my 3d printer.

I’ll think of others soon.

I don’t know what it’s like these days but construction sites used to throw out a lot of wood.

I can look around. I’d like to make some garage shelves too.

Also the inlaws car goes away april 17th. Excellent.

I need to get some trees cut. Would be nice if it was less than 5000 dollars.

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Bet you can buy a chainsaw for a few hundred. I also bet you have life insurance in case it goes badly.

I could do 4 of the 6 trees myself. I can borrow the chainsaw. I have nowhere to put the trees. I suppose I couild chop them up and post for pickup for free on marketplace and craigslist. There is no way I can cut the other two.

How much per month is your condo fee?

About $400 USD. Normal for this area.

Funny, I thought about this when looking at the news just now. Rapper DMX is on life support. I remember him from 25 years ago. Stupid gangsta music. I rather liked one of his songs at the time but I outgrew that phase of my life. Anyway, now that he’s dying, I find I just don’t care at all. I don’t wish him death. I don’t wish him life. I don’t wish him anything at all. I just truly do not care if he lives or dies, and either of those outcomes is fine with me. Odd to find myself so apathetic. In the past, I had opinions and preferences about most things.

So, I was a bit premature declaring this goal as complete. Isa had her heart set on a white kitchen and, against my instincts, I went along with it. Well, they finished the kitchen today and I walked in, took one look and said, “well, we’ll be tearing this monstrosity out tomorrow”. Even Isa had to admit it was fugly. Just awful. Doesn’t suit the place at all. I’m guessing this was a $10k mistake. Maybe more. Actually almost certainly more.

I might have to get a new kitchen contractor as the company I hired was quite offended. Oh well. I’m not Donald Trump. I paid them. It wasn’t their fault at all. They did what she wanted. She just has trouble visualizing things and I have trouble saying no to her. My fault in the end.

oops… oh well, luxury problems
it will work out in the end :wink:

Kitchens aren’t a luxury. I admit getting them to look the way you want is, however.