Gillette ad and responses


The famous Gillette ad.

A less famous response from the tiny Egard watch company.


A great ad. Facts. No attacking of the other gender. Said nothing negative about women. Positive.

I shave with dollar shave club. I get 4 blades a month shipped for free. I use one a week and only shave 3 times a week. So I just chuck them afterwards. They are good quality. Can’t beat 4 good blades for 6 bucks that I don’t even have to go to the store to buy. Most blades are a ripoff. I tried Harry’s. Did not like them as much.

I do not own a watch.


What was the guy doing wrong at 1:04 in the gillete video? I suppose she may have been in a rush. Probably would have been odd if he ran up to her from behind. It’s almost like you aren’t allowed to start a conversation now, lol.


Totally seriously, that is my current assumption. In Canada, if I am lost or need information, I will only ask men on the assumption that a woman might find my asking for directions to be sexual harassment.

It’s different here in South America, but they’ll catch up eventually.


I saw this and thought of my comment above about only interacting with men.