Getting drunk

Getting drunk tonight. Stoned too! I am in the mood.

Don’t do it. Deadly laugh pressure. It’s the gas.

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Oh I haven’t used the gas yet. Thanks, I forgot.

I have to be extra careful as of recent about the pressure. I am in danger for 4 to 7 days for little drink, use of some types of inhaler (just one puff), even using my breathing trainer or sometimes just prolonged headphones listening. It is like a rapid and sudden production of volatile laughing gas. Massive amount of pressure and trigger to laugh.

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How heavy does it get for you when you do that? How deep?

Alcohol is volatile. It wipes you out. You look like you have been evaporated, you behave like it and start panicking every time. You lose sense of identity and self. It is like a person who can’t swim latching onto every else near them in a pool.

I do no think you should drink. If you do stop making demands on others to account for yourself. You are superfical and already have had more than your share of life.

You don’t get drunk actually, all you get is afraid and scared and comforted. When the assurance and comfort go your fear is intolerable. It really makes you sickening, who wants some old evaporated fat that can’t do a thing for itself weighing them down?

And a happy Thanksgiving to you too.


On the topic, without reading the thread, here’s one of my favorite getting drunk combos. Bacon, beer and Burbon

I do love Molson! As far as whiskey I’m a Scotch man.

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Hmmm. Just noticed the “Getting drunk” thread is under “Religion”.

Perfect. I’m a pious man

Me and my girlfriend usually drink whisky. Beer every now and then. Both if we go out. I like Scotch as well, I’ve bought so many different kinds and can never find any I like a lot. Best one was a bottle of Johnny Walker Blue Label. Even then I won’t ever buy it again. Next go to is rum. Kraken or very basic Captain Moes

Before you let scotch go, try a 12 year old single malt.

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I love you more than you will ever know. You have taught me more in 5 months than I could have ever dreamed. I am grateful for that because you have helped me find my voice. But there are consequences to your behavior just as there has been to mine. I hope you’re prepared to have your heart ripped out because I am going to take every opportunity to express my love-hate relationship with you to the world. Because noone knows how I feel better than you.

You have cut me so deep there is no doubt, I will never forget it. Your constant mixed signals were perfect. The way you kept lifting me up, only to crush me with extreme accuracy. I could never fill your shoes but I want you to be proud of all that I have taken from your brutal lessons.

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I love this track. “More of You” is amazing and his other tracks that sound like Waylon Jennings are also amazing.

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