German music

I just posted three women singing Auf Uns with no comments at all about them being women and your reply is that I’m a misogynist. lol.

Another sappy Auf Uns cover, this time by a guy. It’s not bad but I prefer women’s voices.

And a truly horrible metal version.

And an amateur choir version.

And another sappy version, this time by a young girl which is how sappy music should be sung.

And a cello version. I like this one.

And a Zoom version.

And an electric piano version.

I’m losing track.

Yes, as it boggles my mind that someone who is so sensible regarding racism is not just blind when it comes to women or homosexuals, but even acts the same he blames the racist for.

Do you support trans women participating in women’s sports, Gunda?


Then what is your complaint, Gunda? As far as I can tell, my opinions align with yours on gays/trans.

Contrary to you I don‘t call them degenerated, perverse or libel them and even countries and their societies only because they grant them equal rights. I also don‘t feel the need to criticize music videos which shows homosexual couples (beside heterosexuals).

My favourite song by him.