_george herbert walker bush

every american knows he was prez for 12 years
we let canadians swear at the guy napping on the couch

i wish i had four names
bill doctor colonel spectacular

bush- Presidential term: January 20, 1989 – January 20, 1993

most people know that

Who is your girlfriend fucking tonight? Not you.

oh wait. . . . you don’t have a gf anymore do you? my bad. I hope it isn’t too painful when you imagine her under some other guy . . . but it might be.

Do you think about her all the time? Of course you do. Do you imagine she thinks of you? Don’t be ridiculous.

Back when he was acting sane, he said he lived with a woman. Now that he’s devolved into this weird and ugly obsession, wading through old posts and picking on little details in them, I no longer care. I hope he recovers, but not enough to read his current posts.

I bet she does. I bet she wakes up every day thinking how can I get under his skin and really irritate him today. hahaha

its interesting how peoples imagination can run wild and usually not in a positive direction…

Yeah, positive feedback is rare everywhere.

you should delete the little details like mtg and her tweets
and your posts only become old when glaring errors are mentioned
still waiting on that list of wars you are aware of
me and many people

Your post bothers me since I feel you directed your positively negative post straight at me. I don’t just feel it, I know it. Let me tell you what I woke up to this morning. Then you can talk to me about a positive direction.









I could post more but I would have to go back to what I woke up to and read yesterday and from other negative people when I think I have provided plenty of negativity with one person and their plentiful negative thoughts. Our posts are negative because that is what we are feeding on. Negativity begets negativity. Darkness begets darkness. Globalists beget globalism. There is no light or a positive to go in because we don’t seem to want to go in that direction. We obviously prefer the dark. Some more than others but collectively, all of us seem content with a negative approach and so you can stop acting like some light in a dark place. Your light is dark too and if your light is dark, how great is that darkness? My point is, you have no business pointing out my need to post something positive when you possess a great deal of negative energy yourself. I’ll tell you something else. Until I have exhausted every resource at my disposal, I am going to post every vulgar video I see because this is the world you fuckers love.

sure takes you a long time to post

good to hear, but it wasnt only directed at you

talk about negativity your embrace of trump and assorted conspiracies and right wing propaganda are the epitome of negativity. Particularly the disgusting trash posted most recently. Pot calling the kettle black.

i have no light and no dark, i have just my own words :wink:

whatever i do is my business

enjoy your “positivity”

Maybe you would be happier in some right wing shithole forum.

It’s a Biden administration. A leftist liberal globalist party busy handing our country over to corporate America. How much do you love it.

I’m happy right where I am. Are you happy?

No good in you either? Or evil? Just a mediocre existence? How negatively intriguing.

Are you sure? It seems like you’re making it our business.

Thank you, thinki.