This time Hepatits breakout primarily amongst Berlin’s homosexual soddomites.

Krankheit grassiert vor allem unter homosexuellen Männern
“Illness predominately occurs in male homosexual circles”



God seems to not love people engaging in homosexuality too much… and I freakin’ love him for that alone (amongst many other things).


I got a free hep A vaccine. I was going to get the booster but my healthcare switched my doctor the very same week I was also trying to get my flu shot. I found out I can buy almost any vaccine at CVS like my flu shot. I might get the booster since I live in an area with an extremely high level of hep. I thought it too expensive and unnecessary at the time. I could just actively seek out viruses in good health.


I’d never ever vax, even if they gave me 100 bucks for it.

Vaxxing is like spitting in YHWH’s eyes…


I’m pro vaccine, but the current shingles vaccine is causing a strong immune response. Too strong of an immune response. I’d research that one before getting it. Usually given around age 50.