I am looking for an executive office chair. I am tired of crappy chairs and am willing to spend some money on the right one. Any suggestions. I am looking at herman miller aeron.

I have two. You can have one.

Sit in one of your used chairs? ewww. You might have sat in one naked, Thanks anyway.

That was really uncalled for but you are that disgusting so it’s expected.

I know. I know.

Good that takes us to one thread. Should be wrapped up in here in just a few seconds. That’s what I love about you, Will. You always make small talk smaller that I prefer.

Your servant ma’am.

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why you need another one? use your bidet…

I can’t see the tv from the toilet.

something has to move… doesnt have to be you…

It’s either the tv in the bathroom or the toilet in the living room. Easier to get a new chair.

wheels underneath the toilet?

New chair. Just have to find the right one.

tv attached to the toilet!

Well you are inventive. A new chair will be fine. Besides I don’t want to sit on the toilet all time.

sit on the tv and look at the toilet

I think Michele has a chair like I want and I would like to ask her some questions about it but I have pissed her off and I don’t think she is speaking to me.


the programming never changes.

Ugh, I am up way too late. Off to bed, gnite.