"funny" and/or "wisdom"

that’s them up ahead
but the short bus don’t stop there

“I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word in reality. This is why right, temporarily defeated, is stronger than evil triumphant.”


amen lol

God. When have either won anything?

Licks finger*. Thumbs through the the Bible*.
Apart from the Love of God, no one.
His Love is Everlasting. You probably just became distracted from that reality as a young adult.

You look a little angry in your photo. Did the eggplant not set well on your stomach?

fingering the bible, insulting the holy reg… you are doing well

It comes natural. You’ve been doing well yourself I see. Well, I don’t actually see. If I could see you doing well I would know what you look like. What I meant was, it reads like you’re doing well.

why thank you kindly
perhaps in time you will find a way to use your blind faith to “see” me

I am certainly trying, if I could get rid of that ridiculous ?

nice, just keep your fingers away from me and in time we will be fine;)

You wouldn’t let me wipe my, slobbered on, fingers on your clean shirt?


Then don’t accuse me of fingering my Bible.

why not? werent you doing just that?

No, I was turning pages.

Your mind is corrupt.

ah i see, “you lick your finger and thumb through the bible” with your nose

naww i didnt suggest your nose is runny

Do you just make this up as you go?
No. I licked my fingers so that I could get one page at a time, instead of 100. Why do you have to make it something gross. Can’t you envision a rush to get an answer to a seriou…to a question?

well technically you do

ah so you did use your fingers = fingering

did i? or did you?