Free Speech

If you keep saying stupid things I’m going to have to stop talking to you.

ah ok… everyone knows thats not going to happen… maybe you will change your mind lol

The Swiss are voting today on a bill that would jail people for up to three years for saying bad things about sodomy.

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And the vote passed.

interesting, considering their largest party is extreme right

You need to stay out of Switzerland.

Zuckerberg has a good point here. Right now we’re counting on individual tech giants to decide what is free speech and what is actionable speech. This is stupid. We need clear rules. Of course, governments don’t want to give us clear rules because their true long term goal is total control of all speech, which would be intolerable at this point in history, so they keep chipping away at free speech until they finally achieve their goal without anyone noticing. They will win in the end, and we will lose.

thats from 2 weeks ago lol how quickly people can change their mind when they fear they might get sued / lose money

Here’s an interesting test of free speech. Perhaps surprisingly, on initial thought I am thinking this should probably be banned. I am for more free speech than most, but not unlimited free speech. I wouldn’t want a parade in my city mocking brown people. I also think Nico is a lunatic for saying that walking up to young black children in a playground and calling them “nigger” and telling them to “go back to Africa” should be legal. Given those facts, why shouldn’t Jews have the right to some tranquility in Aalst?

(nice article, i posted something about that a few days ago in the news priorities topic lol)

its a carnival tour which is held in many dutch cities as well, its about satire and making fun of everything you want, not just 1 big parade about making fun of jews lol

its easy to support only your own free speech, just because you dont like it or dont agree with things other people say doesnt make it illegal

if kids or people with tourettes say weird things, should they be imprisoned as well? why not look at them as people that are babies or as people that need help?

In this country, black face is considered racist which I think is silly.

ah i can see why:

luckily we only have these issues each and every year:

You DO believe in Sinterklaas don’t you?

of course; unlike the fake fat copy you call santa… sinterklaas was a real person from turkey

Santa Claus is from Balogna.

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