Football and Bidets

He doesn’t like Florida. We’ve been there lol.

All this for a song?

Absolutely not. I want to meet you. All of you and your wives.

I wish more people were like him.

Yeah, there really is no one like him.

If more people didn’t like Florida it wouldn’t be so crowded.

Even when the twins were babies and I was suppose to take care of them while he worked. He did both.

Yeah but then we’re would we put all the criminals?

Also the homeless in winter.

Not to mention (shudder) Mar a Lago. But I guess that would be covered by criminals.

lol did ageofgrace just say she wants to meet me?
can our meeting place be hell? lol

Florida has winters?

Nice to meet you too.

Don’t be sensitive, Reg. I wasn’t referring
Bbad but of Hell on Earth.

lol ditto and cool… i mean hot
be patient, reg is busy adding stuff to his new signature lol

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Will. I don’t feel like scrolling through all the football crap. What bidet did you get and do you like it?

Biobidet BB-600. Very happy with it.


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