This has to be the most disgusting thing I’ve ever read about food so I googled to fact-check it, which turned out to be false or so they say and stupid me believed that.

Fast forward a couple of days and making news is the first 3d printed salmon but it only sounds healthy. It’s not until you Google the main ingredient, filamentous fungi, that you really understand what is being produced here, which is not anything more than an allegedly edible pathogen commonly referred to as a mycoprotein. It’s grown in vats using glucose sugar and tastes like mushrooms. Bon appétit!

That is likely the future of food.

No doubt, Reg. Isn’t that the way the world operates? Create a state of perpetual crisis to sell a toxic product?

We don’t have a good food category, so I’ll put it here.

Uber eats is going to start accepting food stamps in 2024. I think the pros outweigh the cons.

That’s because there is no good food. All food is tainted with pesticides, preservatives and carcinogenic’s.

What pros?

P.S. My privilege allowed me to make this more general for your posting pleasure.

Food is better than it has ever been. More plentiful, too.

Sure it is, like water and oil, which confirms the shortages are orchestrated.

I spent $9 on a 16 oz draft pumpkin cider on Thursday. Not including tip. It was too sweet, but that’s not the point. Dating must be very expensive now.

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I don’t envy anyone dating in this world. Most modern girls are sluts and they get bored and leave after a few years, taking half. No thanks.

If I push a little harder I bet we can get both feet in your big fat mouth. Since I’ve been married 32 years I think I can speak with confidence for all married sluts when I say, in this economy, half of nothing is nothing. Keep preaching there, Brother. You’re doing a fine job.

I said most, Michele. I have never thought, and do not think now, that you are a slut.

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Breakfast is served. Bon appétit!

I know people probably don’t believe it, yet, but it’s about to get real. Laugh about it if you want to but this is going to happen. I prefer it be delayed because it’s so cruel but those elites want it so bad. They are practically begging for it with the swipe of their gift cards to illegals. Humans deserve to be treated better than this and that infuriates me because I’m taxed for this very reason. It may look to you like propaganda and fear-mongering but imo, it’s just being delayed until we are lulled into a false sense of security. Food can disappear from the shelves everywhere simultaneously within days and when we all start grabbing our stomach guess who we are going to be calling on? It’s no joke. This has been in the works for years.

I have to complete this thought here since I realize you’re probably wondering what does illegals have to do with famine.

IMO, there is going to be famine in various places but there is going to be famine and war in America because we claimed to be a God-fearing nation but we have become a godless nation so our battle is worldly and spiritual. Islam hates us and their only reasoning is convert or die. We’ve been raised with a clear understanding of their agenda for us. This is why our forefathers gave us gun protection in the Constitution and we will never surrender our guns. On a positive note, Islam being bused to New York where the Satanic UN headquarters is lol.

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Looks like we are going to have to pay a higher price for chocolate this year.

Good. I love chocolate but it’s bad for me. I haven’t had any for perhaps 6 months.

Fake news?