Mmm…breakfast of champions.

Honestly, I don’t believe there is a market for cheese as a meal in the U.S, even though we eat a lot of unhealthy crap here.

That looks totally disgusting. Worse than Mark’s vienna sausages. I’m not kidding. I don’t eat sausages and I’d eat them over that. I don’t know how anyone’s stomach could handle that.

I agree it won’t work. I think people would eat one and after having stomach pains for 2 days or worse they’ll just get a cheeseburger the next time.

It looks like velveeta, which is totally disgusting.

You’re a braver man than I, Dan. Sausage does not go on cheese.

They are both vile, lol.

Do you not eat any cheese, Dan? Or just not that cheese?

I eat a little cheese not much. I find greek and deep dish pizza disgusting, lol.

I find sauerkraut and wiennies disgusting :face_vomiting:.

Below was an interesting article on food so many American tastebuds reject as stinky, slimy and tasteless.

Anchovies and black licorice topped this list of food Americans are more than willing to pass on. Oysters came in 3rd because of their sliminess. Brussels sprouts made the list but if you split them open and burn them on the grill I suppose they are tolerable for ingesting. Unsurprisingly, coconut made the list. Anyone who has ever grazed on coconut straight from the ole bag knows that no matter how long you chew, coconut never breaks down. You might as well swallow it whole and risk choking or you will spend the rest of your day spitting it out from between your gnashing teeth.
Mayo rounded out the bottom of the list but mayo tastes good so I’m not sure why it made the list other than it’s just loaded with fat.

Pizza does look undercooked.

Dom of the year lol.

I just ate one and a half medium pizzas yesterday. I gained no weight. To me that means the pizza wasn’t very good. lol.

Lol. Im not sure I can eat that much pizza in 1 day.

I had starved the day before. I was honestly feeling ill of hunger. I think it’s healthy to feel real hunger now and then.

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Yeah, that looks nasty. You should probably watch everything you eat.

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