Flying Taxis

Now this is tech I lust after.

It would be awesome to live long enough to see this come to fruition.

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I read it this morning. This could actually be something affordable to the public. I like it!

There is a potential for decapitation and limb severance. If they install a net there is the risk of entanglement.

The thrill outweighs the risk but to entertain your delimma, put a globe shaped windshield on it. Think The Jetsons.

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I am not talking about a bug deflector for the operator. What if the officer flew that over pedestrians and lost altitude.


Bug juice? :grimacing:

Drives like darryl.

That was intense! Loved it! Much like the new virtual reality rides in the mall.

It was a good movie.

Yes, D.A.R.Y.L. was, Dan.

The other brother Darryl too.

Also this.

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nice! with our crowded cities and short distances, this would be a very nice and fast option to have here

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free public transport good, free flying public transport even better! :wink:

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Japan might be first.