Pity if you can’t see this, Will!


Yes, pity.


Not really. I’m sure you have a lover or 2 in here willing to help you out and probably already have.


I sense that you are frustrated and angry.


But I’m not.

Sometimes I sense you are hateful and mean.


But I’m not.


Words do have power don’t they.


Oh, they certainly do.


And you think I’m having a meltdown every time I say something like this. I’m not having s meltdown and I don’t “relief” as you put it.


I got a new delivery of my medical marijuana medicine today. I bought 3 new blends in addition to my regular order. They came at 9am. Of course I needed to sample them. Still sampling. I feel no pain.


No pain. Any sense of loss?


No sense of loss.


Legal pot opened up in Massachusetts yesterday. Only 2 shops so far. More coming soon. This is for recreational.


Glad to hear they have recreational. Still waiting for that here.