Final Game Of The Stanley Cup Finals

Is just about to start winner takes the cup. Lots of Edmonton fans are at the arena in Sunrise, Florida hope Connor and Canada win this thing.

Yes, go Oilers! I care but not enough to watch the game. I will look at highlights later tonight, though.


Same, but thanks for the reminder. I’ll check the score in the morning.

Well, that went badly.

Yes they lost but Conner won the Conn Smythe the first goal on Skinner unfortunatly he should have had that. On a totally other topic the Tories won the Toronto-St Paul’s by election which the Liberals had held for over 25 years the PM and various party heavyweights campaigned there and the best poll for the Tories showed the Grits winning by 5 points but the newcomer Tory won despite ducking the media.

They lost. Woman at the laundry mat told me it made her sick to see Luongo hoist the cup she says he threw the 2011 final when he played for Vancouver but she also stated she was trying to stay in the East End Hell’s Angels.

I was disappointed the Canucks lost for about 10 minutes. Then the riot happened and I was happy they lost, and hope they lose for another 50 years. Or better yet, I hope they move to another city.

Trudeau losing that seat is huge news. He has no chance at the next election. He needs to resign.

Canuck: French Canadian.
I learn something new every day. Sometimes I have to be relearned what I learned because I guess I forget.

That’s not correct. Canuck means any Canadian. It is not rude or insulting. Just a nickname. I do not use it to describe myself but others like such nicknames.

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That was the original meaning it now can mean any Canadian: