FIFA World Cup 2026

Might as well start a thread.

Poorly written article. 48 teams instead of 32. How many teams make the knockout out of 12 groups? 32? Not having that information is a major miss by the writer and editor. I know people are busy but the editor must not have edited it. He/she lied if he/she said he/she did. It is almost fireable because if you don’t think that needs to in there or the thought to not include it is not there, probably should have a different job as the same thing will happen with the next article.

I love the fact that possibly more teams will get through on fifa ridiculous tiebreaker rules. Maybe not since we don’t know how many make the knockout.

It’s there but you have to search for it.

It will consist of 12 groups of four teams each…
…the top two nations in each group will go through to the knockout round along with the eight best third-placed sides

So yes, 32 in the knockout round.

Ok. Good thing I’m not the editor! Maybe usa can make the knockout round.

would be a surprise if they dont… being the host means easy draw and referee benefits :wink:

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Ted lasso season 3 started today.

Roy is my favorite.