What should that proof? I can‘t name a German female football player either. So what? Before I came to bbad or rather, before meeting you online, I didn‘t even define me as a feminist or informed me about that issue to begin with, till I was confronted with misogynistic statements by you and others here.

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It proves you can’t name a German female football player, Gunda. Do you think German women football players should earn the same as their male counterparts?

Yes, as I am not a capitalist who believes the market can regulate everything best. Certain things like equal pay for equal work, housing, basic food and health care, kindergarten, school incl. university as well as vocational training and further education and basic pension can‘t be regulated by the market just and for the best interest of society.

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So the men’s team has to subsidize the women’s team because feminists like you don’t watch women’s sports any more than non-feminists like me?

lol yes you are all lazy fake feminists that dont really care about making this a better world! :wink:
(unlike me since i do watch women sports and do know most names of our dutch female football players! lol)

This pleases me greatly. :slight_smile:

BTW, this is timely:

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Either that video was made for fun only and not meant serious at all - or that couple and over 80.000 supporters of the video lack the intelligence to comprehend what feminism is about. Regarding relationships it has zero to do who carries the heavy things, changes tires, cleans the house etc, but if both view each other as equal partners with equal say regarding decisions.

Gunda, relax, it was an obvious joke. I’ll explain it later.

I see it as a joke, but a view onto the made comments shows, that those viewers unfortunately took this video very serious. But I am glad to hear you see it as a joke too and thus don’t view women as subordinant to men anymore.

Obviously, that is a man’s stupid view of feminism. Dusty tried that and found himself washing the dishes yesterday.


I don’t feel women are subordinate to men. If women want to live horrible lives as lonely and bitter spinsters, let them. If women choose to live in traditional gender roles, let them.

If a man wants to view women in such a narrow misogynistic way, let him.

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Well said, Michelle.