Felidae-Pantherinae/Felinae: Big Cats and other Non Domestic. Likes, dislikes, compare contrast

A discussion on big cats and other Felidae that are not usu. domestic cats. Cat classification and favorites and comparisons. Not just Panthera. But this can be simplifying cat classification, what you agree with or what have different on how a particular Felid is classified. Also understanding cat anatomy and cat secrets.

Could be just Lion or Tiger for an opener, or breakdown of strengths and weaknesses and advantages.

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I’m moving more towards tigers now and jaguars and trying to move away from lions.

Tigers and jaguars are sleeker than lions. Lions have a different kind of musculature.

What do you observe about that statement?

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Some tigers are not as big as lions but generally the biggest lions are not as big as the biggest lions, but there are some very big lions with very big heads.

Most of the lions mass is toward the front. The back legs can run and keep up with the front but they are more forward driven and you can see sometimes the back legs are pulled along and just hop almost like sawhorses. Lions have shorter bodies but the limbs often look longer than a tiger with a longer body. Tigers have more of an wheel drive and can twist their bodies better and never really give their full back. The musculature of the tiger may appear more sleek because there is probably more mind muscle connection when moving and prowling. The bigger size muscles may not mean so much. Lions fight more and have more scar tissue on average since tigers are mainly solitary and kill by pouncing.

Lions exploit the weakness of the low back of other lions. Lions tend to ignore this area in defense. The back legs are useful and lions can pedal them like cycle and rake their rear claws. Even though a lion may have smaller limb circumference and smaller paws and a larger body circumference you can see the sometimes the limbs are really thick with dense connective tissue and the bones are dense.

I think bite force numbers are off because lions are wise not to break a tooth as stupidly as a hyena would.

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Tigers and lions fight differently as well. Tigers readily will roll over and put their back to the ground and spread their paws. Also they tend to feel out their opponent more and will withdraw. Sometimes lions will escape when outnumbered but even if they feel the opponent superior they often will fight until death, sometimes winning because of this attribute, proving the attribute superior. Ferocity I suppose.

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Lions (some kinds more than others) have a large mane that really does offer protection. Tigers don’t have a mane, but if you notice the skin on a tiger is much looser like a very large throw blanket compared to a lion which may seem even tight over the body.

Lions seem to be getting it better with length/ weight charts some going up to 9 feet with tail and weights up to 550 when before they topped at 400 or 440 max and started in the low 200’s

Jaguars are looking good too. Leopards not so well but doing well in populated areas.