Favorite Photos

Too glaring.

I don’t know. I think it’s fascinating that the sun is reflecting a cross.


Do you have a cross in your yard?

Looks like a zealot photoshop to me.

Are you a zealot MIchele?

I don’t think so but I could be wrong.

Why do you ask? Did my religious belief leak onto your phone and burn your skin by accident?

Only when you look crossways toward the west.

You have a cross on the west side of your house?

Are you looking in this direction because I just heard thunder and a crashing sound.

That was your ass finally hitting the ground.

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Lol sorry too funny.

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I see Jesus!!

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No doubt! Sun of Righteousness.


Sunday service in Medellin. It’ll start in 20 min, by which time the pews will be full.

It really is a beautiful church. I see the priest has a little balcony where he can rain down guilt and damnation.

I see the damned.

Why go to church if you don’t believe in God?

I’ve told you before, Michele, it’s a peaceful place. I feel welcome there. I don’t believe their fictions any more than I believe yours, but unlike you they don’t push anything on anyone. Here’s a video I took about 30 min ago, still before the service began.