Favorite Music Videos

I don’t listen to much gothic metal but I used to listen this band. Sad thing the lead singer died years back. The style was romantic, morbid and depressing and deeply haunting. Can’t find anything to compare really.

This was on the Underworld soundtrack

I loved this power in the beginning of the song followed by such tranquility, gentleness, peace, and then slow strength and startup again.

Does anyone know if this is Dutch? Nice and uplifting.

The same person has the only link to this type o negative song I can’t find anywhere else. That was a good lure.

That wasn’t uplifting. It was awful. So it was probably Dutch.

yes and no lol
its a dialect from groningen

groningen is dutch. Just admit it.

groningen is located too far away from civilization as i know it and too close to germany for me to acknowledge they are dutch lol

1993 was perhaps the best year for music ever. Liz phair won album of the year. I would have to agree. She is now 53 and has a 23 year old son. I wonder what he thinks of this song.

First time I heard that one. Was the last word broom?

I remember Whip Smart. I thought I was having severe auditory hallucinations.

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Some music manage to set you into some peaceful meditational, spiritual, even holy, mood and mindset. I refuse to equalize this mindset with a religious one, as this would imply a belief into some mighty being. Which existence I simply but sharply deny. That happens to me with the two latest posted songs by Grönemeyer in the German Forum, Immerfort as well as Der Mond ist aufgegangen. But also this one set’s in motion a similar effect, if also less the spiritual but more the archaic instincts, lol. Makes me want to camp and dance around the fire to get ready for going to war, lol.

A beautiful calm song by Springsteen which I dearly love.

This would have been the perfect song for Snowpiercer. Maybe they already used it for the series of which I haven’t watched a single episode yet.

You might remember that artist from this band

and solo under this name. Choreography, instruments, and vocals and back up vocals. Quite impressive

She really plays piano and instruments and sings, She invented some type of multirange singing

Maybe pretty but like a siren in mythology. A terrible fate.

Nice plaid skirt. I wonder what the the secret is to being so hot and how to avoid overheating and fainting?