Lewis Hamilton just won his 5th World Driving Championship. He now equals Juan Manuel Fangio, who I know almost nothing about so I decided to look him up. Here’s a rare video of him driving a Ferrari at Monaco. That man had huge balls.

PS: For a relatively small and poor nation, Argentina has produced Fangio, Maradona and Messi. Not bad at all.

Yes, Huge. Especially when Enzo made it clear to his drivers that they had better not wreck his cars.

I’ve been reading a bit about him today. He won one with Ferrari, one with Maserati, one with Alfa Romeo…but two with Mercedes Benz, the same team Hamilton has dominated with. Speaking of Hamilton, he is not lacking in the huge balls department himself. Here is his epic pole position lap at Singapore this year, perhaps the most perfect single lap ever driven in Formula One.

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