Fake News

Really? Am I really suppose to believe this? Just because you all believe CNN preaches the gospel doesn’t mean I should have to accept their ridiculous articles as truth. I mean really, to buy into the belief that you are going to want to kill yourself if you live near a gun shop is going beyond political propaganda. CNN is literally practicing the art of brainwashing. I admit, CNN is run by highly intelligent people. How embarrassing for highly intelligent people who fall for such nonsense. Even more embarrassing is to watch how those same people defend such absurd ideology to the detriment of their own personal beliefs. Oblivious to the forced compromise taking place in their unwitting and brainwashed intellectual minds.

This article is from apple.news. What does cnn have to do with it?

If you click it leads to CNN. That said, the source is cited and linked. I’m not sure what is even in question here.

Probably just the fact that it came from CNN.

Thank God we have dumbasses to protect the intelligent folks from CNN’s abuse.

I don’t even particularly like CNN. I’m not sure why Michele feels the need to discredit it. I get my news mostly from the CBC (not because they’re great but I like to stay connected with home), El Tiempo (so I know what’s going on in Colombia) and the news strip on the top of the page on BBad.

I read the local paper. I watch Rachel Maddow on MSNBC also follow the top of BBAD. The New Yorker magazine.

Ah yes, Rachel Maddow. The Epoch Times basher.
MSNBC, participant in Spygate.
Expand your options and set your mind free. She’s feeding you spiritual CO2.

Anyone who bashes Epoch Times is a friend of mine. Do you live near a gun store?

I used to like Rachel Maddow. I still think she’s a good person. She got the Mueller Report so totally wrong that I’ve lost faith in her, however. I have no real interest in anything on MSNBC these days. Epoch Times is a joke, on the same level as Infowars.

I just watched some Fox News. It wasn’t an opinion segment, it was clearly marked as a “Fox News Alert” in red on the screen. It wasn’t news, though. It was a worship service for the great God Donald. They gushed. They effused. They rhapsodized. It was so over the top that I decided to link it. Anyone who considers this news is as brainwashed as the Trump sycophants that man the Fox News anchor desk. Watch at your own risk, to your mind if you’re stupid and to your stomach if you’re not.

So I was surfing the Nazis on Gab and I found this new anti-Jew conspiracy theory about baking soda.

I decided to investigate it. Turns out baking soda actually DOES help eliminate odours. See below from McGill University in Montreal. Anyway, I found this interesting. I know, I’m a bit odd.

Interesting story on how damaging fake news can be. Nico, I’m assuming you think this is all just free speech, right? I mean, this conspiracy nut has the right to say whatever he wants and ruin this woman’s life with no legal consequences, correct?

correct, juan

“Maajte and her husband Matt are still active in their government jobs. Maajte is a civilian employee at the US Army’s Fort Belvoir in Virginia where she works as a security officer. Matt, a retired Air Force officer, is a civilian employee with the Air Force at the Pentagon.”

they should be used to fake news and safe and protected by the billions spend on military

Obama’s scaled back 60th birthday party is believed to have accommodated more than 800 people and lasted 3 days but not one word about him or his super-spreader event on the same weekend as the biker rally.

please let this be fake news lol

fake news right Michele?

Yes and no. It’s true with a twist. The earth may be getting hotter but it’s not a natural phenomenon. Not in my opinion.

Michele, nobody says it’s a natural phenomenon. The overwhelming consensus is that it is caused by the release of greenhouse gases by humans.

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Yes, but in fairness isn’t the only reason we pollute the earth with our greenhouse gases because Rockafellar found petroleum useful in pharmaceutical drugs and then gained control of some university? Because isn’t there another source of energy in world that has been silenced just like natural drugs were rebranded to appear to be the “alternative” to “medicine” that cures people when, in fact, medicine is the alternative?