Explaining Mankind

A few years ago I watched the most intriguing documentation about animals I have seen so far in my life. It was about apes, especially chimpanzees. This here is a short footage from it.

What striked me the most - beside the unique kind nature of Hare - was the description of the physical strongest male chimpanzee of that group. I forgot his name. He was the best warrior and according to the scientists always leaded the raids and wars against other groups of chimpanzees. They described him as if he even was loving to do those violences. But despite being the strongest and being intelligent to win those wars till high age and despite he had the largest supporters of his group, he had no intention to become the leader of it. It seems he was totally happy being a General and being able to live out his brutality but not aspiring the president job. He supported a physically way weaker male to claim the throne. This was so humanlike and explains so much mankind. Soft characters like Hare with a big heart don’t have a chance.

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Impactful video. Thank you for posting.

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You‘re welcome. If you want to watch the whole documentary, it‘s available on YouTube.

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Sources below, because I’m not an idiot who posts numbers without sources.


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