European vacation spots

My daughter has decided to marry and they are planning their honeymoon but they have no clue where to go.

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It depends what they are interested into.
On a honeymoon, I wouldn’t be too much interested in culture, so I’d rather go for a romantic spot.
There are many islands where you can see the stars brightly and “learn to know each other a bit better” on a lovely small, lone southern beach. High chances of becoming grandma quickly that way :wink:

I’d opt for Madeira or Canary Islands. Romantic surfer dude places. Azores have more cloudy and rainy skies, so no romantic sky filled with stars.
Another “romantic” (not overcrowded) surfer’s place: Sagres, Portugal (end of the Europe). Pretty cheap for a nice experience, too (at least 10 years ago…).
All “surfer dudes” places have a relaxed live and let-live atmosphere, perfect for a honeymoon.

Need best bang for the buck? I’d opt for Croatia (however prices have risen significantly there over the last years), Hungary (Balaton) or Romania.

I’d avoid mainland Spain, Italy, France (to overcrowded and many “new European friends from Africa” selling their stuff on the beaches, also hotels leave a bad taste from cheap mass tourism era) and Germany and Great Britain (way to cold for “romance”)

want a beach for you alone?
Try “Herm” (Channel Islands)! I had been camping there once.
Caution: despite the gulf-stream: pretty cold water. Rather expensive and hard to get there. A refuge. Very british.

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European vacation spots are getaways from Europa for people who live in Europa and no longer have any contrast.

You are speaking about something that you have no understanding of.

I have not been there for many years but Barcelona is magic.

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Barcelona might be more or less the opposite of Herm. Rich in culture and buildings…but

warned you though…

You could be right. I hope to get there again next summer but we’ll see. The woman is getting her doctorate degree in entomology so it will depend on her school schedule. Overall I don’t like Europe as much as some other places but it has its appeal and some places are wonderful. The Balearic Islands would be magic if they weren’t full of Deutsche Schwulen.

So prejudiced. Don’t You like “having fun” haha?

Wahr oder nicht?

PS: Should I use Schwule or Schwulen in that sentence?

Voll mit deutschen Schwulen

I don’t know. Last time I was there had been with my spanish grandpa. And he is dead since the 90s. He “covered my back” to prevent deutsche Schwule aprovecharse de mi.


  • Ibiza: (pseudo) Jet-set and party island. Hipster alert.
  • Mallorca: formerly cheap mass tourism, but nice spots as well. Many German and British drunkyards and low class, but improving. Never heart of it being a gay’s paradise. Gran Canaria is the vacations gay paradise (I must know, butt still hurts, hahaha, just kidding. But it is really that way: Gran Canaria is the Orlando nightclub of Spain).
  • Menorca: small and layed back, less well known

Three languages in one sentence. lol.

Google Ibiza gays and you’ll get 2 million hits.

Mhmm. I did not know that, but as I said, last time I had been to Ibiza was in the early 90s.

Oh Lord I need pictures.

How many languages do you speak Daniel?

I don’t think they want to go where men are kissing.

Better stay out of Europe altogether, then. Canada, too. And the US, now that I think of it.


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So I talked to my daughter last night and this trip is not the honeymoon. This trip is one they are taking as a family but I’m going to let her know about these places. :wink: Thx you!

Germany looks dangerous now too. Even infiltration of the police. Does it worry you?

Should it?

What about it?