This really looks like you. I’m sure the leg is identical of the stockings were removed and you secured it straps. Why are you trying to dominate this topic?

[Louis XIV of France - Louis XIV - Wikipedia]



Let me give you a boner or make you completely limp. Either way, I enjoyed it thoroughly. Fun fun without all the drama of working by the sweat of my brow.

Doge came up .04 cents over the weekend and I made more than $1000.00. Doge and Elon Musk are making news on Stocktwits. Here’s the 5 second (and only 5 worthy seconds of the game) commercial ad that Reddit ran that’s really for we the people:

Michele, you are becoming a man. That isn’t very attractive especially considering the type of man you are becoming.


That would explain the little patch of whiskers growing from the right corner of my chinny-chin-chin.

Something for your ED.

Geez, Mark. You don’t like my Dogecoin post? It doesn’t make you wanna reach for your ankles? Honestly, be never known you to be so quiet. Well, there was that one year…I don’t really think that counts though. Do you? Anyway, you keep your eyes on those ankles. I’ll just go over here and watch my stock grow.
.0835 hahaha.

Are you watching this, Mark? Dogecoin is holding steady at $0.083. If you were invested, you could get a grip on my Ed infatuations or delete the thread. I don’t want to embarrass you. That would be humiliating.
Doge is taking a dip. I think that’s great. I’m all ready to buy-in again.

Okay. I’ve horsed around here all by my lonesome long enough. I’ll let you girls get back to solving the worlds problems.

Did the Dust person write that? A disgusting gust from the Dust from out the

This title was edited.

Reg do you note?

I can’t see you in finances only in leprosy. That’s what you will get.

Yes. Michele changed it 6 hours ago. Change it back if you don’t like it.

I originally couldn’t get the last period to show after the D in E.D.
I tried to edit in later but I could not get it to show.

I’m allowed? Much to my surprise. I thought she could lock out everyone just by advancing the most through the tutorials here to prove herself to you.

For a minute there I thought I was going to have to rely on her for eye chart information. Do starry eyes come with cialis btw?

I wonder if they are buying Pfizer.
Brazil’s wealthy cause a stir trying to score quick vaccines | PBS NewsHour

Mark, change the topic back if you want. Nobody cares. Nobody sane will read it anyway.

But you do note how she tried to change it to stock market genius investors and make herself an elite. That’s the point I am driving it with the ED. Remember my other thread about facial care? It was triggering impotence with her.

She was trying to cover it up with her “meltdowns”. Trying to cover up also who who actually could overcome her imposed condition.

I changed it back, could you prevent her from doing that again? She bought a bunch of stock that increased in value but she has no money to show for it until she sells it.

I think she was trying to do the same thing here with some massive boulders of cannabis she bought earlier that she couldn’t boil down.

*edited to add boil down.

I have been clean for over1 and a half decade. I didn’t appreciate it.

This is true. I haven’t secured any gain from DOGE yet. I don’t want to.

I tell you about DOGE because with a very small amount of money you can invest in a promising stock. Yes, volatility is high but the gain is worth the risk.

Pronounced Dohj

I see Mark was able to put a period after the “D.”