Something is not right here.

People often factor these drugs like cialis and viagra into their salary requirements. As if their sex requirements are greater as well. Great intellect, great drive, powerful and more demanding sexuality. Often times this comes as cuts to the lower paid workers who might be more blue collar or just low paid white collar workers. Not only depriving them of bonuses and higher wages or better work conditions and having to work 2 or more positions but also preventing from enjoying one of the most basic needs of life if it is considered so essential.


I really don’t care about any images or even real life proof. Most of these are easily defeated by a backwards jelq and supposed erection being jettisoned out the rear as a fecal length the exact equivalent to whatever length or girth measured as erection length.

This goes for any female as well who gives testimony about effectiveness and knowledge.

What else is wrong with it? It’s putting off an overdose on somebody else just for the feeling of an erection that truly isn’t yours or is requiring anything of you.

What is even more insulting is not being able to say anything about it because it may make the company look bad or hurt its profits. Go break one off in the toilet.

please check yourself into a mental institution.

So how is this really affecting people who don’t actually use it?
Having to deal with a lot of near blind people desperate for the stuff and the overly loud pretending there is a sense of satisfaction of the “better life” they are enjoying you are not.

Why? I don’t have ED. Check yourself in.

maybe not but I can see you problems are mental.

Can you see how others are impacted?

you make no sense at all

A ballast should provide stability to a vessel.

just shut up will ya?

You need a change. You are way overdue for it.

Are you telling me an irritating/itchy/scratchy feeling is better than no feeling at all?

I’m telling you that you are crazy. Get it?

I want to cite this in another thread as well. Do you the sense of shame here? Being a virgin as not to being a sex offender or somehow kept pure from the sex of an offender. How is that shameful? This is female impotence.

Now to not be a virgin she suggests you have to be a pedophile, and by being a voyeur and possibly violating the law with child porn she extends some “sexual credit” and lessens the teasing.

How is it you know I’m a virgin? Would you call somebody like me that to be accurate in description?

You have stated this here many times, Mark.

Do you find it strange that the only option to stop the teasing she offers is pedophilia? That and to remove the label?

Why doesn’t she offer her own sex or self? Because of her commitment? Or is it because she knows something about herself and really has nothing to offer or can perform.

You are older and degrading from a condition in your prime that is ridiculously below would I make standard. Thus you are in agreement more with Michele who will also agree, because you take cialis the logical conclusion must be drawn you have powerful sexuality and virility.

Have you ever picked up dried out dog feces with a toilet paper roll or even a used paint roller and held it steady to make it over to the trash can? I don’t think it qualifies.