Email Not Working (Solved)

BBAD emails are not working. I found out because Will is locked out and called me. I tested and I’m not getting emails either. I have a busy afternoon ahead but will work on this tonight. In the meantime, anything requiring an email (like a password reset) will not work.

back in. yay

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Did the email eventually come?

yes thanks

That’s interesting. I haven’t received an email notification in more than 6 months and even told you so but you dismissed it as my problem and not yours but that’s okay. I don’t need to receive notifications when I can pop in and spend an hour catching up on the latest complaints.

I don’t remember that, but if so, you were right. BBAD has an email problem. I didn’t touch it last night because Will got in. I will try tonight.

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Seems the email problem has had other consequences. I wasn’t aware that updates were available because I didn’t get the emails. I need to solve that. Anyway, I am going to do an update in about a half hour. The site will be down, possibly for some time.

Starting. If the site is down past tonight, I have either died or I screwed up this upgrade badly.

Upgrade done. Site is fine. Emails will take another 24 hours. I have decided to move emails to AWS from Google. That will take a bit of time to get production approved.

I’m going to muck with email some more. The site will be flaky tonight.

AWS approved my request for access to their email servers. BBAD emails are now working again. Michele, you should get your notifications, now.

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I won’t hold my breath since I haven’t received one yet.

Check your spam folder and your notification settings.

Edit: I just checked. No emails have been sent to you. You must have them turned off. Check this page in your preferences.


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Problem solved. :heart_eyes:

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